• Pre-Employment Heath Assessments
    Generally a pre-employment will take 1 hour (this does not include time for drug testing should this be required).
  • Annual Heath Assessments
    Where past history is available, initial Health tests per person normally takes approximately 45 minutes, but this can differ if a referral is generated.

    Where past historical records are not available, an extra allowance of 5 – 10 minutes may be required to establish Record/History set up?

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  • Exit Heath Assessments
    This normally takes 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on the staff member.
  • For new employees or post discomfort. A self-assessment is completed, followed by a visit to the site. This normally takes 45 -1 hour. This is then followed with a report and recommendation/s.
  • Injury Management
    This is completed on a co-ordination level only. It is anticipated if your staff member has an injury that the initial contact would be with your Company GP then follow up from our OHN on your advice. This can be discussed further.


Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Instant Drug testing

    Generally 15 minutes is sufficient to carry out this test.

    Instant Urine Test Kit:

    BOHC uses Sure Step or Micro Screen Kits, Adulterants and Controls compliant with AUS/NZ 2008 Standards. All staff are NZQA qualified.

    If a Non negative result is confirmed, the specimen is required to be sent to ESR Laboratory for confirmation testing. This cost is additional to the instant testing. Reporting is received within 48 hours.

  • ESR Laboratory Testing
    ESR screening costs are dependent on the result. (Costing on request) Reporting is received within 48 hours.

    If your company does not currently hold an account with ESR we can provide a charge back service to BOHC (for a straight cost recovery).

  • Alcohol Testing
    This test is performed using a calibrated breathalyser with AUS/NZ 2008 Standards. If the first result is positive, a second confirmatory test is taken 10 minutes later.